Services provided...

SERVICES - The range of services are as follows...
  • Noise and Vibration Monitoring 
  • Noise Modelling (Soundplan)
  • Churches, Church Acoustics, Noise insulation, Speech Clarity, PA consultation and design
  • Recording Studios, Reverberation time, Absorbent and Diffusing panels
  • Pubs/Clubs, Entertainment Licence, Abatement and Control Strategies, Noise at Work, PA Location and Design
  • Plant Noise, BS4142, Planning issues, noise prediction and mitigation
  • Construction Noise and Vibration, On site monitoring carried out, BS5228 assessments
  • Housing, Determination of suitability of a site for housing, building facade requirements, PRO PG.
  • Mineral Planning and Mitigation, Assessment of new mineral works, planning issues and mitigation and abatement
  • Retail and Commercial, Determination of suitability of a site for retail, building facade requirements, plant noise assessment and delivery noise     assessment
  • Planning, Reports prepared supporting planning and addressing noise issues
  • Noise at Work, Full noise at work assessment carried out for any size of firm according to latest regualtions
NOTE: We do not carry out BREEAM assessments or pre completion noise testing.
If you would like to arrange a quotation please contact us on 028 38 337546.

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